Heading into the Post-Cloud era

Data are nice, but knowing is better

The world is full of exciting perceptions. Let's explore!

It's like in real life. The cloud is you, 
your family, friends... 

Our smartphones, tablets, PCs are the ideal cloud environment with plenty of storage. We share data with our family, friends, colleagues. 

This is the real cloud, a natural and independent sharing environment. 
Our tools can help you create 
such a cloud.
Mostly we collect a pile of data in the hope that in them are the answers.
But what if you retain only data, which you currently don't understand. And for the rest you just use the results.

In Sparkleton we prefer user experience in the first place. Therefore we are looking on the data in a smart way to provide our users with what they really want.
There are many sensors and measuring devices on the market today. But the usability is mostly not top of the notch.

We believe that properly designed smart wireless sensor networks can change the way you view the world. We work very hard to make our products 
to help you get farther.

SPARKLETON s.r.o., B. Smetany 650, 543 01 Vrchlabí, Czech Republic, IC27390179,